Monday, 4 June 2012

Invision: Expanding the Creativity of Web Design

A Prototyping tool, provided you choose the right one, eliminates most of the tedious busywork involved with website and app creation and allows creativity to take the fore. Designing a website or app is divided into two sides – creativity and routine. The routine is the manual creation of wireframes, navigation and writing prototype code repeatedly. An advanced prototyping tool helps with the wireframes and more.

Prototyping tool
Prototyping tool

A designer will be able to create elements using their favorite design software, and drag and drop them into place on a wireframe without issue. They can set navigation with a simple click, no code writing. With a different click, the project can be shared across the entire development team.

What results is the difference between ‘creating’ and ‘building’ a website. The act of creation is a pleasure; the act of building is a chore. Invision does most of the mechanical steps for the designer, allowing them to spend their time creating. This is time well spent. It lets the developers run wild with their ideas, and the final project benefits from this freedom more than you expect.

The result is that the development team and the client both experience a fully interactive prototype. Buttons work when clicked. Apps designed to send texts will actually send texts. App projects can be accessed directly from mobile devices, allowing hands on testing. A prototyping tool can handle screen layouts and color schemes as well.

Invision makes it easy to switch from one wireframe to another. The prototype can be tested from the point of view of an actual user, and any bugs can be noted and fixed on the spot.
Wireframe tools may or may not give free updates. They may limit you to a certain number of computers. None of these restrictions applies to using the prototyping tool on the web. Pay for the subscription plan you need, and spend the money you save on more projects. You can rest assured that you’re always using the most updated version of the software.

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