Monday, 16 July 2012

UI Prototyping Tools: Winning Contracts

Debates over UI prototyping tools tend to get heated. It is useful then to start at the beginning and select a tool that’s perfect for building desktop, mobile and web applications.

By definition, a prototype is a working model of the finished product. A prototype then should allow the client to see the color scheme, navigate through pages, and use any functionality required of the finished product. If it can do that, the client can make an objective decision on the project.

If those functions sound ideal, you’re looking for Invision. Web designers and app developers both are interested in creating the best project they can to win the client’s approval. With nothing more than the old black and white static wireframes at their disposal, how can a developer win that approval?

This is all changed. The new UI prototyping tool actually allows you to create a functional prototype. It works with your existing graphics programs, as long as the exported file is a JPG, GIF or PNG file. Making a new prototype project is easy, and making a wireframe is simple. Drag and drop in the graphic element and move it where you please. Add and link hotspots to add navigation from one page to another. Play around with the design until it’s created just right. All of this is possible now with this UI prototyping tool.

The UI prototyping tool is invaluable for collaboration. Team members all work on the same prototype simultaneously. There’s no time wasted in e-mails and phone calls or spent syncing versions of the project files. Everything works right there on the screen. It can be tested in real time and any bugs can be noted and fixed on the spot.

To experience the Invision UI prototyping tool you need only download the free trial from the developer today. It’s software as a service, so it’s always up to date.

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