Monday, 4 June 2012

Why Invision is Preferred over Wireframes

While Invision no doubt helps to create wireframes, its primary use is in making a fully interactive prototype. It helps to build a working model of the website or app your developers are making, be it for mobiles, iPhones or iPads. With a prototype, clients can test a hands-on version of the site that works just the way as the finished product will, and can make sure everything works the way they want it to.
prototype tool
prototype tool

Old wireframes were little more than static black and white drawings of the website under development. With this prototype tool, developers can create a fully interactive model of the site or app with full color, allowing foolproof testing and ensuring when the project goes live it does so without a hitch. Every bit of design and navigation is present in a form that's representative of the final form. The website or mobile app looks and feels like the finished product, and is a huge first step in winning over a client. When the choice is between black and white wireframes on paper or a fully interactive prototype generated by a prototype tool, how can they say no?

This new prototype tool has a number of additional features, each of which helps a developer save time and money. Everyone working on the project can work on the same project at once – allowing all collaboration and commenting to take place in a single location, which in turn saves time and money spent syncing. Designers can use whatever tools they prefer, and import their work into the prototype from a .jpg, .gif or .png file. As long as the element is ready, it can be added to the wireframe. A hotspot can be set in seconds, linking any element to another page.

Using the new prototype tool allows designers to focus on creativity instead of the tedious details of wireframes and coding. Any configuration can be made into a template, allowing easy creation of multiple pages. The tool is even smart enough to predict favorite themes for a project. Using the tool from the web, or grabbing the free trial, is the best way to keep up to date with this powerful software.

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