Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Prototype Tool that Shares Your Vision

Imagine a tool that allows you to create a life-like and fully functional mockup of your project. Imagine that the client can see and interact with it in full color and high fidelity. Imagine that it's free of all the clutter of the design process. Wouldn't such a tool be useful?
This prototype tool is now available. It's called InVision, and with it you can generate prototypes that work so well they might almost pass for the real thing. Not only that, but it works so well with the tools you already use that it may as well work on instinct.

prototype tool
InVision was conceived in a market saturated with barely-functional freeware, applications that require learning new skills, and single-purpose tools that clutter the design process and take up processing power. Making wireframe mockups of your projects is a trial at best, but InVision makes that simple.
To use this prototype tool, all you need to do is drag and drop your wireframes into a project. Link those wireframes together and you're presented with a functional and beautiful result. You can present this to your client and, through InVision, communicate directly with them. It eliminates lengthy documentation, e-mail exchanges and feedback cycles. You can communicate in real time with anyone you add to the project.

One of the benefits of this direct communication is that InVision allows the client to directly manipulate the project. Their changes are automatically documented and presented to the designer up to and including generating e-mails itself and setting automatic alerts. Right there, a vast amount of time and tedium is taken care of.
Using InVision’s prototype tool is easy. Simply create hotspot links or templates of frequently used links, apply them to a screen and specify a target, and you're good to go. If parts of the project are hidden or finished, you can even password protect the links. InVision really does have everything a designer could want in a prototyping tool.

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